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Visible Earth Blue Marble

QuickTime movie with alpha channel (transparent background)

Note: A flat iPad (iOS) version of the animation is included with a custom masking shape to make it appear Earth does indeed have a transparent background.


For Keynote 5 and 6: Inspired by NASA's Visible Earth Blue Marble project, this is a vastly improved version from the last effort. Rotation is almost 3 times slower, runs more than 26 seconds at 30 fps and is 500 x 500px. The original version ran less than 10 seconds at 25 fps and was 400 x 400px. This supplemental .key file comes with about a dozen optional elements to change the look. From lighting effects, the glass overly and hands that gently hold the precious Earth. This is a supplimental elements .key file, not a Keynote theme.



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