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Please Note: Low sales no longer justifies the cost of supporting an ecommerce feature. If you want to buy something simply send the amount via PayPal to john@keynotethemepark with a note of what you are purchasing. I will send download links within 24 hours. Themes from Sets 1 to 5 are updated to Keynote 5/6. Globe animations, Curtains and the Visible Earth animation have also been updated to 5/6.
"Every single time I show someone a presentation made with your themes, the first words that are spoken (after picking up their jaw), is “Wow”. No other theme creator comes close the your level of excellence."
Randy Meredith
"Thanks so much for your continued hard work on making above average elements for presentations. "Above average" doesn't describe how impressive your work is. The US State Elements is long overdue and is a welcome addition to Theme Park."
Joey Heape
"I have just downloaded your new creations. WOW, I am in awe! They are spectacular.
I am very impressed and excited and felt compelled to share this with someone. Thank you,"

Cecil Keen
"The US States Elements are, as usual, simply amazing. I appreciate all the hard work you've put into these and your other Keynote packages. They are easy to use, inspire creativity, and look stunning."
John Jordan
The Best Quality Keynote Theme Products
All our Keynote themes feature our original photo cutouts that bleed off opposite sides of the slide, allowing for spectacular transitions with a slow Push or Cube transition.
State Symbols
Keynote Themes has released Nation Elements, an add-on collection of flexible graphic elements for use with Keynote and the other iWork applications.

Based on Leonardo's famous sketchbooks, Da Vinci HD includes three custom fonts, sketched conte chart fills and focus elements. Plus a Photoshop® Action Script to turn images into sepia watercolor illustrations. Extras include 61 transparent original da Vinci illustration elements that float, independant of the background.

Rather than the old method of "send to back" under a photo cutout mask, we were able to come support the standard method of Media Placeholder and still have irregular torn paper edges. But instead of just rectangles as seen in typical Apple supplied themes there are varied shapes for images. You can even edit the shape if required. Three custom font styles are included for titles, body and a script font, as if from the hand of da Vinci himself. If you have access to Photoshop, run the action script and turn images into sepia watercolor paintings. Both 16:9 and 16:10 in resolutions, 1920, 1680 and 1280.


l Keynote Add-ons


Apple Keynote Demo Movies
Apple Keynote Demo Movies

Curtain Movie Elements provide QuickTime movies with alpha channel and are available for standard and widescreen presentations.

The Globes come in a transparent see-through style, and allow flexibility through the use of four different globe layer objects.
These 30 extra Apple Keynote Titanium Photo Cutout Masters make this the ultimate theme for use with the "Cube" transition!
286 Keynote Masters Slides. That's over 300 when combined with those that are included with the Basic Research Keynote themes.
These graphic elements work well with all Keynote themes. Even if you are not big on themes, this is a must have Keynote add-on.
New Product: Letter Shapes in Serif style for Keynote Themes. Free Keynote Themes.
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