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Graphic Elements
Nation Elements, National National flag buttons, editable National border shapes, flags, National location maps, National symbols, accent fills and reflective gloss overlays for nations of the World and a few territories
USA Elements, State flag buttons, editable border shapes, flags, State location maps, State Symbols, and reflective gloss overlays for 50 States, Washington D. C, and the USA.
Letter Shapes Use Keynote's advanced fill attributes to make unique drop caps and titles. Fill  the letters of a word with different images or span the whole word with a single panoramic image.
Super Elements, Chrome and gold frames, translucent embossed panels and aqua labels to help organize, label and bring focus to content.
Animated Elements
360 Elements, Ringed letters, numbers and a few symbols slowly rotate. These Quicktime movies with transparency add a little pizzazz to the most mundane of slides.
Animated Globes, Continents (and their reverse sides) rotating on transparent oceans. Optionally use and layer  the editable colored discs and shading elements to customize.
Extra Master Slides