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“Super Elements” is the Keynote 2 upgrade of "Focus Elements. These graphic elements work well with any theme. Even if you are not big on themes, this is a must have Keynote supplemental. Included are Gold and Chrome Frames, Information Panels with Title Tabs and Bars, Beveled Relief Panels, editable Aqua and Standard Labels, additional editable Keynote Shapes, Aqua and Standard Navigation Buttons and a "Glass" overlay.

82 Chrome and Gold Frames come in square, rectangle, circle and oval, plus others such as star and hexigon. These have extra resolution so they scale and have an editable background shape so you can change tint, opacity or fill with an image if you like.
87 Standard Panels come in opaque, translucent, seven colors and twelve styles. Some include a built in title bar, others have an adjustable title tab. Plus a set of Super Editable Panels that gives total control over fill, line bar and tab colors
Let your background show through with Beveled light and dark tinted translucent Panels. They give a subtle but distinct secondary area for content. Bevel up and down and optimized for both light and dark backgrounds. 132 elements in all.
There are over 1,400 Aqua and Standard style Labels to help organize content. Aqua now has extra resolution and text is editable. 6 colors in Aqua, 7 in Standard, 0 to 9 and A to Z in three different sizes. Present as "fit display" and it still looks great!
Use Interactive Navigation buttons with Keynote's hyperlink feature. Included are NEXT, BACK, JUMP BACK, JUMP FORWARD and HOME in 6 Aqua colors and 7 colors in the Standard style, plus in a ghosted non-active state. Ungroup and edit colors.
These elements act like true editable Keynote Shapes where you can set line and fill, including to image. They look a bit drab sitting there, but they really are a useful addition, the Movie shows some cool and interesting uses.
The translucent Glass overly can add a spectacular finish to your work. Use on it's own or with the oval and round Metal Frames.