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Our themes and Keynote 5 ('09) issue

Keynote 5 Issue

In a Nutshell: Since Keynote 5's new Text and Object Effects and Majic Move transitions do not allow an element to be static, they can cause unwanted movement of the photo "cutout" masking element in the photo Master Slides. A plain Text or Blank slide should be used with these transitions. Given the visual delights these offer when used, you should likely be using plain uncomplicated Master Slides with these transitions anyway.

When using the photo "cutout" Master Slides, these new slide transitions are better avoided due to Keynote 5 not allowing an element to be properly locked to the background. Although sometimes the effect is pretty cool, most times the results are a bit much for the visual senses. When you want to use these transitions you will find the most appropriate slides to use are the Blank, or Text slides. These 7 out of the 44 transitions are only effected when using Photo Masters. We hope Apple will implement a method to truly lock down an element so as not to be effected by the transition. Feedback to Apple helps nudge them, and it would help us if you can drop a line via Keynote Feedback and ask them to allow you to "freeze" an element and allow it to "opt out" of the transition effect. To drive this point home, you can no longer plunk down a logo on all the Masters and have it stay there in the corner when you use these transitions, it flies around, rotates, flips etc. and there is no way to stop it! I think most want the content to flip and fly, leaving the logo alone. An easy and clear way to do this would have anything on the Master is left stationary, anything on a Slide is used in the transition movements.

You might ask why Theme Park even uses a graphic element to make a slide background since Apple has dropped it? For those new to Keynote, since version 4, Apple dropped it's original method of theme making from one based on a masking layer under which you send an image behind the cutout (Back), to one that simply has it sit on top. That works great for rectangle pictures sitting on a background. If you are happy with that. But our themes have a whole lot more going on, design wise, than that simple concept can accomodate. There just is no other way to accomplish Spotlight, Tectile, the on-the-fly expansion and contraction found in Reflections and other effects without a masking cutout layer. This masking layer is a graphic element and as such the transition effects any and all elements and manipulates them for the transition effect. In the case of the cutout element, you really want that to just stay put. How about it Apple? Allow the user to somehow define an element to take part in the transition effect, or NOT.

Didn't Backup and Need Your Themes Again?

For a good five years we have felt compassion for those customers who had a hard drive burn up, a computer stolen or have changed computers and then find they have no backup. We would confirm the order in our files (since most folks trash their receipts) and issue links. Unfortunately, we now get a request for this almost daily. Confirming the purchase and manually assembling download links takes some time. Therefore from this point on we ask you to send $10 HERE. Then email us with whatever information you might have to help find your order/s and we will send new download links. After you download and install your purchase, place the ORIGINAL .dmg files in a location you know will be backed up properly. This will save us both time and money.

Keynote Theme Park HD Themes

This is rather lengthy but for those interested in why we do HD themes in resolutions a little off from the norm, here is the thinking behind it, and the real story about resolution and Keynote. MORE INFO

Where is the Extra Stuff?

All supplemental materials are installed in "Keynote Additions" in the Shared folder. Get more info on how to set up quick access to the files from within Keynote, MORE INFO